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Our adventure modules are designed to allow Games Masters to have flexibility on how they can use them within their fantasy world. Each adventure is written so they can be inserted into a wider campaign as a one-shot, or they can be combined into a longer adventure spread across a handful of supplements. For each set of adventures within a module there is also a module setting supplement that accompanies them. This setting guide greatly expands on the contents of the adventures and widens the scope of where these stories take place. Module settings will offer Games Masters further options, rules, lore and much more, and give them the tools to run a larger campaign using these adventures as a jumping off point.


Where our series of adventures are unique is when they are combined into a longer quest. Have you ever played an adventure and thought to yourself what might have happened if a certain NPC was evil rather than good? What could have transpired if you had chosen the first NPC who offered themselves as a guide instead of the second? The multi-option branching story arc that is established in the first adventure of a module set means that a player can take part in a module more than once but experience a different story. These different story arcs are supported in each following supplement, yet they are still playable as a standalone one-shot.

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