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Aldeburgh was once a prosperous town; a shining example of what culture, commerce and a forward thinking governor can do to raise the quality of life for citizens of such a population centre. Unfortunately all that ended two centuries ago when the blight of witches and their curses gripped the region of Wickhamskeith. Now Aldeburgh and its people live in a constant state of fear and suspicion, always looking over their shoulder to see if they’ll be the latest victim of an evil witch.


Visitors to the town will find a populace grieving after a recent, dreadful witch attack that’s torn apart one of the families who call Aldeburgh their home. The people are now desperate to see justice be done, and a planned witch trial is the focus of their vengeful desires. Whether or not the prisoner who’s accused of witchcraft is the one who committed the crimes against the poor family, or even whether that person is truly a witch or not, seem to be unimportant realities for the citizens of the town.


Against this dark backdrop the governor of the town has a secret plan to subvert the objectives of those who would try the prisoner to appease the mob, while at the same time retrieving an heirloom that’s important to the history of the town that’s been taken by a faction who claim to want the best for Aldeburgh’s residents. Who will be brave enough to take on the challenge of infiltrating a stronghold and reclaiming the town’s property? Will a hero risk interfering with a flawed trial that may see an evil creature’s threat be removed from the world just to satisfy their own sense of justice? These questions plus many more will be asked of a group of adventurers who explore Aldeburgh and its people.


A 5e TTRPG adventure for characters of levels 2 – 3 that can be played as a standalone one-shot, or as part of the Grimmer of Wickhamskeith adventure module from Babbling Wizard.

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