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Dawn of The Witch Queen



The land of Wickhamskeith has reached a crossroads. A weapon has surfaced that can resurrect a long dead master of witchcraft; however nobody knows if bringing this powerful spellcaster back to life will spell doom for the region or save it from darkness. A group of adventurers are needed to pick a side and help to bring about the destiny they feel Wickhamskeith deserves.


The soul searching required to decide what’s the best course of action is only the first hurdle, and once the heroes are set on a course of action they’ll have to face the forces who oppose them in a final climactic battle to win the day. Failure means more than death, as if the heroes are wrong about the nature of the witch being resurrected then the people who call Wickhamskeith their home will be the ones who have to live with the consequences.


In these uncertain times determined foes will become allies, those who were once friends will become enemies, and the powerful factions that vie for power in the region will splinter into chaos. Nothing is certain other than tactics, determination and quick wits will save the day. Time is of the essence as The Witch Queen awaits her return.


A 5e TTRPG adventure for characters of levels 5 – 6 that can be played as a standalone one-shot, or as part of the Grimmer of Wickhamskeith adventure module from Babbling Wizard.

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