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In a part of the world that seems abandoned to despair and misery, evil witches terrorise a people who are at their wits end. The land of Wickhamskeith has fallen into darkness, and fear and paranoia have eclipsed the once resilient and happy citizens that populate it.


This module explores a region of the world where witches and their curses have blighted the good people who call Wickhamskeith their home. Taking inspiration from real accounts and folklore from the bleak days of witch hunts and superstition in Europe, this adventure module explores some of the concepts and themes that are synonymous with the evil spellcasters that were feared a few hundred years ago.


Players will start the module with an adventure that sees them in a claustrophobic siege situation as they take shelter inside an abandoned manor house, assisting a group of witch hunters who have captured a witch. Soon the adventurers will discover the potential evil witch in their midst might be the least of their concerns, as a deadly mystery unfolds inside the manor that the heroes have sealed themselves inside for sanctuary.


The module will then open up to lead the players on an exploration of the wider Wickhamskeith region, allowing them to explore dark dungeons, unique towns, and corrupted lands; all while facing the prospect of being attacked by witches or being accused of witchcraft themselves!


It’s a time of danger, superstition, paranoia, and deranged reason. The adventures and the module setting guide that form The Grimmer of Wickhamskeith will explore these dark days, offering a Games Master opportunities to place their players in scenarios of trepidation, moral ambiguity and supernatural jeopardy.

The first adventures released in the module along with the setting guide are listed below, with the other adventures to be released soon.

The Prisoner Witch

The Ruin of Torsaker

Journey Into Corruption

A Conclave of Enemies

Dawn of The Witch Queen

The Grimmer of Wickhamskeith Setting Guide

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