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In a part of the world that seems abandoned to despair and misery, evil witches terrorise a people who are at their wits end. The land of Wickhamskeith has fallen into darkness, and fear and paranoia have eclipsed the once resilient and happy citizens that populate it.


The Grimmer of Wickhamskeith Setting Guide gives you all the information and game rules you need to play adventures against the backdrop of this gloomy environment. A Games Master will find content that will allow them to pit their players against new foes and scenarios, while players will find new options to enhance the characters they create.


This book contains a history spanning hundreds of years that can act as inspiration for your campaign, as well as details on the factions and people who populate the region of Wickhamskeith. New backgrounds and other player options complement a character that has its origins within Wickhamskeith, while a brand new class allows players to create a witch character inspired by the dark days of the seventeenth century. New foes and monsters can also be found within these pages that will challenge heroes and emphasise the witchcraft themes that are abundant within the setting of Wickhamskeith.


Do you have both the physical and moral courage to play in a world where all is not what it seems; where the lines between good and evil or right and wrong can often be blurred and unclear?


A 5e TTRPG campaign setting that can be played in your own games or as part of the Grimmer of Wickhamskeith adventure module from Babbling Wizard.

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