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A powerful faction in the land of Wickhamskeith known as The Witch Binders have the dangerous duty of hunting evil witches and bringing them to trial for their crimes. A small band of these crusaders have taken refuge in a deserted manor after barely surviving an attack in the wilderness, and now they must fight to survive the night as they try to stop the evil witch known as Ehrenreich from escaping their justice. But all might not be as it seems.


A group of heroes are needed to help defend the manor and the Witch Binders stranded inside, but as Ehrenreich continues to insist she’s innocent and will surely be executed if the Witch Binders have their way, everyone present must decide if they believe she’s a witch or not, and what actions they feel they must take to satisfy their conscience.


Beyond the threat posed by a possible witch in their presence coupled with defending the manor from outside attackers, any adventurers assisting the Witch Binders will find strange events appear to have been occurring in the manor house that has become their sanctuary. Will any brave heroes sealing themselves inside the manor discover they’re trapped with a more deadly peril than the one they face outside?


A 5e TTRPG adventure for characters of levels 1 – 2 that can be played as a standalone one-shot, or as part of the Grimmer of Wickhamskeith adventure module from Babbling Wizard.

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