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Can Babbling Wizard products be used in my podcast/livestream content?


Yes, feel free to include Babbling Wizard products in any of your online content; however please attribute any Babbling Wizard products you use so people know where to find us if they want their own copy. Please also ensure your podcast/livestream using Babbling Wizard content remains respectful and suitable for all audiences.


Can I download the maps used in Babbling Wizard adventures?


We use adventure maps that are created by the extremely talented ‘The Reclusive Cartographer’. If you wish to use any of the maps in our adventures you can find information on how you can download them at There you’ll find amazing maps for your adventures that are available in multiple variants and ready for virtual tabletops such as Foundry and Roll20.


Are your new products available through The Dungeon Masters Guild?


No. While you’ll still find older products published by Babbling Wizard on that website, they are adventures and supplements that were released while Babbling Wizard’s writing style and technique was being developed. These books don’t match the high quality represented by products that are part of the Babbling Wizard module system, but if you want to take a look at them you can find them by visiting The Dungeon Masters Guild website and searching for the following titles; Secrets of Leaf Grove, Coast of Despair, The Safehold of Gargoyles, The Church of Ilmater, The Rescue of Sir Connor, The Babbling Wizard’s Guide to Reality, and Demiplane Exploits.

Why sign up to website membership?


As the community around Babbling Wizard grows, exclusive content and member only benefits will be introduced. This will be created organically as Babbling Wizard interacts with customers and learns what you want from website membership. If you have any suggestions or ideas about what you would like to have access to as a website member, please feel free to send a message through our Contact page.

Privacy & Safety

If you would like to read Babbling Wizard's privacy policy, you can do so here.

Refund Policy

First of all, if you're inquiring about a refund this means you must have purchased one of our products, so Babbling Wizard owes you a "Thank you".

Unfortunately due to the nature of our products being e-books, we cannot offer refunds; however Babbling Wizard also understands that each situation is unique. If you wish to discuss a problem you have with any item you've purchased please contact us using the Contact page.

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