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A Conclave of Enemies



A powerful weapon once thought only to be legend has been discovered, and now an unprecedented meeting has been called between the rival factions of the region to decide what should be done. It’s believed that the weapon has the potential to either lift the blight of witches from the lands of Wickhamskeith forever, or doom the people of the area to an evil fate that even the most wicked spellcaster would find hard pressed to imagine.


You’re invited to accompany one of the delegates called to the conclave and offer your guidance and wisdom on what should be done with the potent relic at the centre of the discussions. It’s the perfect opportunity for a group of heroes to try and convince the authorities of the region to follow their advice and change the fate of Wickhamskeith (for better or for worse) evermore.


Aside from the clear danger posed by having such bitter enemies together under a delicate parley of truce, an assassin plans to disrupt the conclave and sway the delegates to follow their own plans for the weapon. The heroes at the conclave will have their hands full trying to convince the delegates of their wisdom while also trying to unmask a murderer in their midst.


Diplomacy, deceit, and determination are what’s needed, as nothing less than the fate of Wickhamskieth itself hangs on a vote at the meeting’s conclusion.


A 5e TTRPG adventure for characters of levels 4 – 5 that can be played as a standalone one-shot, or as part of the Grimmer of Wickhamskeith adventure module from Babbling Wizard.

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